What to wear when you are over 30 at low-cost ?

There is a difference between when you come in your 20s versus women in their 30s. Women in their 30s still tend to work on their styling sense. Well, when I will be in my 30s, I’ll the be the same too; after all, Girls will be girls. 30s age is a milestone where in both personally and professionally, events come back and forth to you. So what to wear when you re over 30 ? Never mind, a diva is always a diva no matter she’s 30 or 50 , doesn’t matter whether you are in the period of 30s yet you’ll be making style statements by your looks.  

What to wear when you are over 30 ?


1.    Ladies limit your fast fashion consumption as now you are not a teenager anymore, so you are totally wasting it. Try investing in quality basics in bold and dark colors like black, brown, and red.


2.    No wonder you will not repeat your bridesmaid gowns or dresses, so ladies just donate them to the needy ones. Instead, try on some versatile formal dresses to your body.



3.    It’s confusing for us when comes to fashion, what to wear and what not. For all womanhood in the 30s try cigarette pants with a formal shirt or Top on it.

What to wear


4.    Ladies please get rid of fashion jewelry coated in silver or gold. Rather pick affordable pieces from good brands with beautiful and stylish designs.

What to wearOutfit Ideas

5.    What to wear when you are a plus size? Now let us just be honest with ourselves as body hugging dresses will not be suitable for our plus size body. Now after that shop for your body types, taking my advice pick some figure-flattering pieces which will be all in comfort.

What to wearClothes

6.    Ladies get back on your track pants and retire your leggings/jeggings. Get comfy as well as stylish in your track pants, stylish enough that you will rock your 30s.  

What to wear

What should I wear today ?

7.    Walk in elegance in 50s flared skirt, also you can have options available in it. Get it in pleated, in velvet or in floral as well. Women you opt retro special look on many occasions, so in that case you can try flared skirt as well.

What to wear

How to dress well ?

8.    Not only clothing has to be stylish, your shoes also give you a style statement. In your age period you shouldn’t pick any chunky or high bling shoes for yourselves. If you wish to wear you can but in a little amount of bling only.

What to wear

What not to wear ?

9.    Go hot but sorry ladies no hot pants to your wardrobe. Get retirement from them and shop some leather pants of your body shape.

What to wear

What to wear to a concert ?

10.    On those busy days, don’t think much what to wear that you should look stylish as well as impressive to yourself and others. Get on floral dresses with flats and you are good to go for your casual outings.

What to wearWho what wear ?

11.    Kate Hudson, 36 rocked in an athletic-inspired crop top with formal trousers. Ladies this is not at all tough for you all to follow as it is affordable enough. Get this look and flaunt your stomach impressively on your night outs.

What to wear

Fashion Wear

12.    It is a bit tough to get the stylish look in winters, as you have some restricted options with you. But wait ladies, I can help you in this for what to wear in winters. Pick denim shirts and jackets pair them up with bell bottom pants in black or washed blue color with your favorite white sneakers or sexy pumps.

What to wear

What to wear tomorrow ?

13.    Ladies time to say bye-bye to micro and miniskirts. Exchange your micro and minis with midi skirt in beautiful colors like red, pink, black or any of your favorite.

What to wearWhat to wear in London ?

14.    Style back from the 1970s is now an upcoming trend of 2017. Style the sweaters with shirts makes you feel warm and comfortable at the same time.

What to wear

What to wear today ?

15.    What to wear that you look like a role/ramp model? The puffy shoulder have been a great inspiration to us. Time then and now it has been in trend and will be in the upcoming years. Vogue fashion show had some immense puffy shoulder dresses for upcoming fashion trend 2017, for more you can also refer to the video of the show.

What to wearHow to dress ?

16.    In winters replace your knitted sweaters with soft and smooth cashmere sweaters. The sweaters look smart with pencil skirts. Ladies whenever you go out for casual meetings or lunch dates, you can carry this look with your loved ones.

What to wear

How to dress cool ?

17.   Whenever you people go out for business meetings or formal meet up, there’s always a confusion of what to wear? Well, I have the answer for you in a very smart way. If you ever heard about trench coats …did you? Never mind like you trust on my words trust me on my fashion options and opt one for completing your whole formal look. Shop them up in light colors like cream, beige and white color.

What to wear

What to wear in 50 degree weather ?

18.    What to wear, when to wear, how to wear the best look in your 30s? This question is in every women mind to which we can calculate and give them the best dress to their age group. Dress that flatters your body shape, your style, makes a style statement and in which you are most comfortable. Sheath dresses are most comfortable and can be very stylish and easy to get for every body shape. Flaunt your every body part with this beautiful dress; you can get it in any of your favorite brand.

What to wearWhat to wear to a wedding ?

19.    What to wear in the weddings to your friend circle? The answer to this question can be in both ethnic and western wear but totally depends upon what kind of wedding and where the wedding is happening. So when the wedding is more about Indian culture go for full length suits, lehenga’s or lehenga saris. If the wedding is about Christian Religion you can opt for tie dye dress which are current trend both nationally and internationally.

What to wear

When it is about your 30s you get graduated from your casual cool chick look to more towards your professional and making style statements. I hope I was quite answerable to your question what to wear in your 30s.

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what to wear

What to wear to an interview ?

What to wear

What to wear to a funeral ?


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