Moderate Cost Velvet Collection: The Celebrities and Street Style Favorites Wearing The Trend

When I saw this dress it was love at first sight …. Velvet dress … It was a classy beauty. No options left and I bought it ;). Let’s admit that velvet can make our life beautiful by buying some velvet collection. vivaluxury!

Being one crazy fashion lover , I went ahead and even bought a matching velvet heels

I have tried keeping this look simple and elegant and now I have a velvet collection.


Velvet Collection

velvet collection
Photo by Maria via Flickr

Then one day I stumbled upon a velvet bralette

Trust me this one of the most comfortable lingerie I have wear worn

Velvet is sexy , elegant and super comfortable

The undying love of velvet will never fade away

This super cool velvet thigh high boots are the much essential wardrobe for the coming winter season

Girls go grab your piece soon

You can thank me later 😉

velvet collection
Photo by SARGOSSA via flickr

Look at this lovely bag that I had actually bought for my own but now this picture make me greedy enough to keep me

Jokes apart but velvet can do wonders to your bag collection

This clutch bag can be carried over the weekend or to some events as well

Just don’t forget to wear the right Velvet Clothing & Accessories

velvet collection
Photo by Umberto Dattola via Flickr

Last but the least , tell me that you don’t love these velvet pants

I do


velvet collection
Photo by SUJIN PARK via Flickr


Being a crop top lover ..this pants has not only elegantly covered my butts plus it’s also doing what contouring does to my cheekbones 😉

What did I just hear you said this is vintage clothing

Yay girl

I love gypsy clothing

Ladies just be confident with whatever you wear and never shy away from trying new Fashion Trends. Velvet is the new trend and is totally awesome. Go buy some velvet collection and you will fall in love with Velvet.


Velvet Dress Designs

Velvet Collection

Princess Diana wore this Velvet Gown when she danced with John Travolta

velvet collection

velvet collection

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