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Today’s post can be very much special and important for all you love birds. You can get best of your Valentines day ideas; need not to get upset about it, as I am there with all your answer. I, myself love this day as it is a day of confession, and you seek to hear what may be the most unexpected thing from your beloved. So here are the answers to all what special you can do for your special one:-

Valentines Day ideas for her/him

Valentine’s Day

1.    Plan a perfect dinner date

A perfect dinner date should have dim lighting with some romantic environment around you.  If you have a beach view nearby your place, you can prepare a table decoration in that location, and make the best use of it. Also, you can book a table in some romantic restaurant/lounge with great food and music around. Dress perfectly in gowns and suit up for your Valentine’s date.  

Valentines Gifts for Him

2.    A frame filled with memories

A beautiful idea to cherish again all your best moments in that one frame. Valentines day ideas are not only restricted to what you have done in your childhood, also it can be magical more than you thought it will be. Collect all your favorite U&I pictures, what you will be cherishing throughout your whole life.

Valentines Gift for Boyfriend

3.    Karaoke nights

This idea is to totally enjoy and make it your one of the best memorable day, with a happy and fun environment. Taking loud bad voice of yours for the night also listening to others bad, well so much of excitement and fun. Witnessing some great food and great nights! Well, else you wish for.

Valentines Day Ideas For Her

4.    An engraved jewelry

Valentines day ideas are not only about lovey-dovey things, some people like to make it big and with some real things. So this one is for those people who want to make it big this time, engraved ring and pendant is a beautiful idea. If you call your beloved with any pet name, you have that option with you as well. Whether you can engrave their name or pet names you two have for yourself.

Valentines Day Cards

5.    7 special messages for 7 days of love

This one is for those who celebrate whole of the valentine’s week. For every day you create one very own hand written messages, to convey all you ever wanted, common guys this is your opportunity grab the best if you never expressed now is the time.  

Valentines Day Gifts

6.    Surprise music box

Collect your favorite best pictures and get them fixed by creators available your nearby or you can find them online as well, easily available to you. This can have some really magical effects with your beloved’s favorite music playing in it.  

Valentines Gift Ideas

7.    Long lasting perfumes

This is something very mesmerizing to your body as well on your soul. Whenever they take a fragrance of it, it should remind them of you and this special day you had made for them.

Valentines Ideas For Him

8.    Homemade Valentines day ideas

In this many options are available to you like creating valentine treat bags with chocolates, favorite candies and teddy bears. Other options are hand painted love mugs, love letters and Oreo pasted cards with sweet love messages.

Valentines Day Gifts For Him

9.    Date night jar

Fortune love cookies in the jar written by both the love birds. Spending the day/night together reading all the messages of each other, expressing to your core, and the best is that you can witness that happiness.

Valentine Gift For Husband 

10.    Polaroid snaps

Is one of the trendy idea amongst other Valentines day ideas and this one is my favorite too. The best captured moments are of course in your Polaroid snap camera. Collect them and hang in his/her room and if you out somewhere you can paste them on your table.

Valentines Ideas

11.    Wristband with his/her name

If you feel like cherishing your special day forever, you can hang in those bands in your hand till the date you want. There’s no stopping in this gift of yours, and the best thing that wearing you will always get the feeling of togetherness.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

12.    Personalized love mug set

In Valentines day ideas, this is what can go the way you want, paste, create, print, and write messages, these mugs are going to be forever with you till the time you break them. You can get their favorite picture on that particular mug expressing your feelings to them through this mug. And, in this you can even get tags like Mr.& Mrs., Wifey &hubby, and U&I.

Valentines Day Ideas For Him

13.    Wine and dine



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Dine out with your favorite red or white wine with some great food and happy environment.

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

14.    Handmade chocolates with hidden messages

This one is like a little task management work and little hard work of yours and of course your hidden love in it. As you are making it for your someone special he/she is worth all your hard work and love.

Valentines Gifts For Her

15.    Personalized phone cases

This is like latest addition in the list of Valentines day ideas. Carrying same phones? Then why not covers. You can give your cases some funny and weird tags with your pet names or relationship status.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

16.    Love bands

Valentines day ideas are mesmerizing to our heart and to our eyes of course. This is another way of expressing by exchanging love bands with each other. This is bit in high range but is a beautiful thing to gift your beloved. It has different-different ranges in it from low-high, so suitable you can pick one.

Valentines Gifts

17.    DIY love basket

Our Valentines day ideas can be costly sometime but not every time. So for those who are going out of their pocket money or their salary can recycle some old presents and love letters, adding little-little candies, greeting cards and expressing your love through fortune cookies in it and your basket is ready to deliver.

Creative Valentines Day Ideas For Him

18.    Valentines day ideas for pillowcases

Get print your favorite love theme on your pillowcases matching to your beds or sofas. Also, you have options of getting your favorite love emoticons on it or love messages on the pillows.
Give him/her a surprise by designing or getting designed pillowcases to make him/her happy.

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