Things You Should Know about Boob Jobs—From hot Sunny Leone who’ve Had Them

There are several things you should know before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Breast implantation or boob job is one risk taking surgery for your future and it has it’s both pros & cons to deal with. Women who want to undergo breast are themselves not aware of advantages and disadvantages of it. The Bollywood actress hot Sunny Leone went under breast implantation for her career as when she did it she had to majorly work for adult movies and helped her to come in Bollywood movies and reality shows.

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Let me first explain what is breast implant to those who doesn’t have idea about it

In Breast implantation, surgically medical devices are inserted to increase the shape of the breasts. There are types of breast implantation:-

  1. Silicone– The most preferred implantation, in this a doctor uses gel-filled silicone shells to implant.
  2. Saline– The doctor uses shells filled with sterile salt water to implant.
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Both the silicone and saline implantation comes with different shape and sizes.

FDA states that half of the women who use silicone implants might experience a breakdown of the implant.


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Complications which might occur

  • Infection
  • Breast pain
  • If the shape and size are not symmetrical it might be problematic for you to carry them.
  • Rupture and leak
  • Are not lifelong

Choose the right surgeon

Choose one experienced surgeon on which you can trust completely. Before confirming look for a certified plastic surgeon passed from a medical college/university.

Let’s get started with some awareness which everybody should be aware of and especially those who are going for such procedures:-

  1. Leakage in Silicone implant can lead to deformity

Silicone gel implants are thicker then sterile salt water implant, and the rupture here occurs is unnoticeable. Because there is no external leakage but internal rupture is possible in silicone implantation. Once the leakage happens in it, there’s a possibility of a deformed breast with lumps, waves, and no symmetrical shape.

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  1. Not only leakage and deformity but you can face other problems too

In 1992, the FDA banned silicone breast implants due to raised problems about serious health conditions such as scleroderma, fibromyalgia, and tissue diseases. Again then in 2002, FDA came up with a new type of silicone filled implants and later declared them as safe and secure in 2011.

Doctors sharing some personal experience say that the patients were going through burning pain that initially started from armpit and then following down to the arm. Not only this, they had several other issues also like numbness and weakness in the arm.

  1. With implants it’s difficult to detect tumors

Implant might conceal tumors; therefore, it is difficult to detect them.

  1. The shell of the implant can be dangerous

The doctors use filled shells in the augmentation surgery which contains chemicals. According to the doctors, it has methylethylketone, an amino acid for regulating nitric oxide level. This may result in medical problem Raynaud’s Syndrome which causes the blood vessels to constrict, affecting the fingers and toes of the body.

Changes and advantages

  • Helps boost up your self-confidence
  • Sexual satisfaction
  • Pushes you towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Gives positive vibes
  • Body image

Over the years there have been many women who did undergo breast augmentation and as mentioned above the Bollywood actor hot Sunny Leone and many other actresses had it too. We are not on the negative side of it but also not to the positive as people do have suffered from major medical issues. And only medical issues people got them removed because it was either not symmetrical for them or it was difficult for them to take that pain.

So, before you think to undergo such procedures, do consult your best.

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