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It’s difficult buying new clothes all the time and the point is why should we ? When we can style the clothes that we already have. In this article we will talk about How to Style the Clothes You Have Already ?

We can buy Fashion but style cannot be bought. It s quite personal , it is something that we are either born with or we inherit from others. The only reason why some people become Fashion icons is that they style themselves different from others.

The only thing that matters is how you style yourself and God gracious it’s even free 😉

How to Style the Outfit You Have Already ?

1)Roll your sleeves : Winter Fashion

Fine you are wearing a corporate shirt today and you have no time to change and you have to hit a party in the evening. What to do now ? Simple, roll your sleeves and it will add cool effect to your office wear look.



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2) Cuff your Jeans : Street Style

You know sometimes our jeans hide the most important aspect of our outfit – the shoes. Hence try cuffing or rolling up the jeans. Whenever you wearing sexy stilettos or heels next , make sure you cuff the jeans. There are more than one way to styling like roll , single cuff up or double cuffs. Single cuff looks good on the skinny, straight jeans. While the rolled up cuff looks great on the baggy jeans.

How to Style
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3) What to wear : Drape it

Nothing looks more sexy than a draped jacket or a coat on your shoulders. Trust me it gives  luxurious look. Next time when you are heading out , make you drape your jacket on your shoulder.

How to style

4) Spring Fashion : Knot it

The best way to flaunt your waistline is to tie a knot of your shirt or t shirt right in the middle. You can try the side knot s well it look trendy too. This is much better style approach than tucking your shirt in. Let’s rock on ladies.

How to Style

5) How to be Fashionable : Turn the dress into a skirt

Did you know that you can turn your dress into  skirt by just wearing a tee on the upper half or with a collar buttoned shirt. Don’t forget to tie it at the waist to create an illusion of a separate bottom half.

How to Style

6) How to wear : Tuck half the shirt

You must be aware or rather must be doing it all the time , tucking your shirt in. How about when I tell you that tucking half the shirt looks stylish . Tuck half the shirt and let the other half hang outside. Whoa… you look so stylish 😉

How to Style

7) Style Ideas : Tuck your sweater in your skirt

Just tuck in your sweater in your skirt and it looks fashionable enough. Remember to tuck half of your sweater in and let the other hang out stylishly. It creates a totally new look.

How to Style

8) Outfit Styles : Belt it

You must be having a lot of oversized shirts, tunics and coats. Then how to utilize them ? Simple belt them. Add  trendy belt to your oversized clothes and they will fit you beautifully. Belts add a style to the casual clothes and that is the best thing about them. Belts complete your outfit.

How to Style
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9) How to Style Cardigans ?

OK, so you tired and don’t have the strength to pick out an outfit for you ? Don’t worry it’s winters and you must be having a cardigan. Then just pair your cardigan with the coolest denims you have and you are ready to go.

How to Style
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10)How to Style the Head Scarf 

Go, have a look at your closet girl , you must be having so many scarfs which haven’t used or worn since ages. Isn’t it ? Now, what if I tell that you can actually use them to wear in the most trendy way everyday. Have a look at the following ways to add charm to your outfit with these head scarfs which you haven’t worn since years:

  • Tie them on your head in the Bohemian style
  • Use it as a bandana
  • Leave it casually on your neck
  • Use the scarf as a belt
How to Style
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11) Fashion inspiration : Stack your rings

Wearing  single ring is so lame and common isn’t it ? Everyone does it ? No ? Then how to look trendy and chic with rings ? Stack your rings. You can buy out different sizes of rings and then wear them in different ways on your fingers or if you check many online stores these days sell  set of 5 rings. Buy them and look trendy with them.

How to Style

12) Cloth Style : Cinch a shapeless dress

Having an oversized dress and don’t know how to reuse it ? Simple knot it in the middle nd you will see tht it fits you now so well.

Step 1: Turn the dress back to front.

Step 2: Then, assemble a 2-inch segment in the center.

Step 3: Twist only the main layer.

Step 4: Tie it into a bunch.

Step 5: Flip the dress right side out.

13) Fashion ideas : Socks peep out your boots

Let the socks peep out of your boots next time you step out of the house. This look makes you look flawless. Let the socks cover 1/4 of your legs only. Try this look with thin socks. Now, you will look gorgeous babe. Try bright colors and you will look awesomely cute.

How to Style
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14) How to Style Mix and Match Everything

That’s one tip is to use almost everything that you haven’t worn for long in your closet. Just try mixing and matching everything.

  • Try wearing every top you have with every bottom.
  • Now once you worn them then accessorize yourself wisely.

15) How to Style by Adding Layers

This one style tip that you must have always ignored. Add layers to your clothing. The more layers you add, the trendier it will get.

16) How to Style by Loosening up the buttons

Try loosening up some buttons to add the hot factor to your clothing outfit. Remember to wear the lace bralette when you are wearing this look.

How to Style

17) How to Style by Switching up the shoes ?

Always try wearing different kinds of shoes with the same outfit. This way you can switch your look and look trendy in the clothes that you already have.

18)How to Style the Distressed Acid Wash Shorts ?

So you were cleaning your closet and came across a pair of shorts which are too big for you. What to do with them? Pair them with the modern or new piece of clothes. Wear a crop top with those shorts and couple them with trendy boots.

19) How to style The Bodycon Skirt ?

I have seen girls who hate their bodies and do everything to flaunt it but still are helpless. Don’t worry girls. If you have a body con skirt and so very want to wear it then I’ll tell you how ?

Pair the bodycon skirt with a sweatshirt and sneakers and your gorgeous look is complete. Don’t forget to accessorize.

If you want to wear the bodycon skirt to office, then pair it with a tee and blazer. You can wear sneakers or boots with it.

Wear a boxy top with the bodycon skirt for a chill out party look. Just leave the top half tucked like I told you before.

How to Style

20) How to style The Sequined Top ?

We all have bought one Sequined Top at-least in a lifetime and also worn it like once or twice. Isn’t it ? I love sequins, they look so vibrant and trendy. Try wearing the Sequined Top with cut off shorts or skirt. The shorts will tone down the glamorous look of the Sequined Top and then you can easily pull it off.

How to Style
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So I’m pretty sure that now you know how to dress in style ? 😉








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