How to stop sweaty feet for FREE ? What no one tells you ;)

What is the one thing that we do most of the time we are awake , we keep walking , hustling to achieve the goals of our life. Hence socks are the most important thing since it’s important to keep our feet dry, comfortable and blister-free. You need to pay special attention in selecting socks because your days to be smooth and comfortable. We have always suffered from one problem when we wear socks daily , we get sweaty feet. Don’t we ? Then how to stop sweaty feet ?



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How to stop sweaty feet ?

You have to select the right pair of socks.

The following points will help in selecting socks when you are shopping next:

How to select Socks by Activity ?

  • Athletic Socks – These comprises of the traditional gym socks to the socks for running. Their soles have cushions and are quite light in weight
  • Running Socks – The running socks have less padding which is beneficial in running. Those people can buy socks with more padding too.
  • Walking Socks – The walking socks has thick cushioning since cushioning provides ease in walking.
  • Hiking Socks – The hiking socks are thin and they take away moisture and provide very light cushioning.
  • Backpacking socks – The backpacking socks are padded since padding provides comforts on long backpacking walks.
  • Mountaineering socks – The mountaineering socks are the thickest available in the market. They are thick since during mountaineering you have to resist the cold and bad weather conditions.
  • Skiing socks – These socks are thin since your feet shouldn’t rub inside the boots due to the pressure.
How to stop sweaty feet
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What are Multi activity socks ?

When we do activities then our feet get sweaty. How to stop sweaty feet ?

  • Liner socks – The liner socks are worn under the hiking socks. Made of CoolMax® polyester and they suck all the moisture out of the feet to the outer sock from where they will evaporate.
  • Waterproof socks – Waterproof socks are a must for you if you are a backpacker since it can rain anytime in your travel and you need to keep your feet dry. They are think in nature have a damp wall and a fleece internal. Waterproof socks also provide heat in chilly winters hence are best for surfers too.
  • Toe socks – Toe socks are like gloves for your feet , they basically provide protection from toe blisters. They are made of synthetic fibers and are best for hiking and running.
  • Fleece socks – They are worn best with shoes or sandals. Fleece socks also suck moisture from the feet.
  • Heated socks – Heated socks utilize battery power to provide shockproof warmth. They are best for fishing and winter sports.

How to select Sock Materials ?

Both of our feet are covered with sweat glands and hence they are the places where sweat accumulates the most. Hence when you are selecting socks you should choose a fabric that will absorb all the moisture and sweat making our day a comfortable one.

Have a look at the fabrics available in the market:

  • Merino Wool – The Merio wool socks regulate the temperature of your feet and hence you feel good even in chilly winters too. Wool has the quality of absorbing 30% of its own weight in water hence they arehelping in keeping the feet dry.
  • Synthetics – CoolMax® polyester, Wickspun™ acrylic and Isolfil® polypropylene are the popular fabrics used to manufacture socks. These socks suck the moisture of the feet and keep them dry.
  • Ingeo : Ingeo socks also keep our feet dry and are Eco friendly.
  • Cotton: Cotton socks are not advisable for sportsmen though they absorb the moisture but dry out very slowly.
How to stop sweaty feet
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How to decide on Sock Types ?

Please do keep the following tips in mind too when you selecting the right pair of socks:

  • Padding : The sock should be padded on the heel and ball of the feet but it shouldn’t be too tight.
  • Arch reinforcements: These socks are best for people with flat feet. They have a tighter, unbreakable knit in the arch to provide best hold.
  • Height : The height of the socks totally depends on one’s preference. But when you are wearing boots then you have to make sure the height of the socks matches that of the boot.
  • Fit: This is most important point when you are selecting socks. Make sure the socks fit in the toe and heel properly when you are trying them. The socks should be of correct length. Also try them with your shoes on so that you can judge the comfort easily.
How to stop sweaty feet
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Next time when you are shopping make sure that you choose the right pair of socks so that you don’t ask again how to stop sweaty feet ?

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