Priyanka Chopra bikini fame making Alia Bhatt jealous?

Priyanka Chopra bikini was seen displaying her shoreline body as of late yet the on-screen character says slipping into bathing suit still makes her bashful.

Priyanka Chopra bikini picture is breaking the internet

The 34-year-old star says she felt “provocative” in the two-piece, however once out on shoreline she got cognizant, announced People magazine.

“The last time I felt provocative in a swimming outfit was the point at which I saw myself in the mirror before I went to the shoreline. When I went to the shoreline, then it’s an alternate story I get somewhat bashful!”

The “Baywatch” performing artist, in any case, feels sure about the correct setting. The performing artist says she felt great in a bathing suit in broad daylight when she as of late hit the shoreline in Miami.

“The water was pleasant, the sun was hitting me without flaw, and the twist was in my hair and I had a bellini in my grasp and a swimming outfit on my body. It was a positive sentiment.”

Priyanka Chopra bikini, who plays foe Victoria Leeds in the motion picture adjustment of notorious ’90s TV arrangement, says she didn’t need to count calories for the film as she plays a high-mold, relentless “power chick”.

“You should be on an eating routine of, similar to, one olive. Dislike that as a man, you know? I like my nourishment. I could sit and eat whatever I needed while every other person was setting off to the rec center,” she says.

Priyanka Chopra may have killed it with her current two-piece appearances in Miami, however back home Alia Bhatt does not appear to be excessively awed.

Priyanka Chopra’s searing hot pictures have circulated around the web and are breaking the Internet.

At a current occasion, the ‘Dear Zindagi’ (2016) performing artist was gotten some information about Priyanka’s attractive symbol.

Alia made an interesting expression and liked to overlook the question by grabbing a book! Did Alia simply open another part in chilly relations with PeeCee?

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