Problems Megan Fox (Tall Women) Face When Shopping


Megan Fox, an American actress, and model. Megan fox has been working in the industry since 2001, and she’s 30yrs old for which you will not trust me as she’s still the same. Here, her beauty and flawless skin is not the problem, the problem is her height, the tall woman who has an everyday fight with what to buy and what not?  And like Megan Fox, there are other tall girls too who wants the answer to the question what to, how to, and where to buy from? Now, let me give answers to all your queries of you all (tall women).

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 Tips and tricks for tall women to go correct with fashion

  • No getting full sleeve length shirts

To get that complete long sleeve length, the solution to it is that you add extra cuffs to what you are wearing as your top wear.

  • Always getting ankle length in bottoms

Stitch an extra fancy cuff to the bottoms to still carry it in a stylish and trendy way.


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  • Accessories

Pick large dimensional accessories for yourself as little once will not get noticed here. According to your large scale body, this will suit you the best, and here you definitely have choices to pick your favorite.


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  • No short dresses but yes to shorts

When tall women wear a short dress it appears like they are wearing a top, which is a total nonsense, of course this is not true but people do comment on that thing. For this the solution is that you can wear separate top and shorts as it will not go in one dimension, instead, it will divide your body posture and you will not appear that long as your wish of wearing something short is also fulfilled.

  • Be your own tailor and stylist

Either learn to sew so that you can experiment with trendy looks, or hire a tailor to get you perfect fit according to your body shape. To give that correct well fit to your outfit it is important that you get it stitched from someone who knows how to sew. When comes to an emergency you shouldn’t fight much with the clothes rather just go and tell the tailor what you want.

Do you feel neglected? Do not know where to buy from? Try them:-

There are several online sites which give tall women options too and take care off.

  1. ASOS

The most interesting and lovable fact about this site is that they have a specific line for tall women offering unique designs and patterns to them.

  1. GAP

GAP as well provides you a wide range of clothing options for tall women. The sizes of shirts and t-shirts are not available only to us but they have it perfectly as top and t-shirts for you as well.


Like other websites Nordstrom brings to you all your favorite branded shoes, you have been looking throughout.

  1. Shop by fit with TOPSHOP

One happy making site for you all tall women who think they are left with one but not many; false we have lined up no. of brands/sites to you including TOPSHOP offering you wide variety to expand and explore more in your lifestyle.


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What are some pieces that give tall women the most trouble?                          

  1. Tops always giving you a feeling of crop tops

Because of the height of the upper body even the largest size of the top appears as a crop top on you all (tall women). Go pick midis as long top for yourself.

  1. Try to fit in small shoes

When it comes to correct shoe size it is like going for a battle because the biggest size available in the store is still not your size. And tall women like you all or actress like Megan Fox has to deal with it continuously, therefore, give up easily onto it.

  1. Can’t wear heels

The collection of heels comes with limited edition hence tall women has no chance to grab them easily. Therefore, they end up going for flats instead picking up heels. Also, other people criticize them for being tall and not wear heels at all (Not good thing guys).


To all the tall women out there live life ‘Queen’ (Megan Fox) size, you have all the rights to live and wear whatever and however, you want to. As mention above brands and sites go explore such sites to get what you ever wanted for yourself and be a fashionista.

Do not put yourself down just because you are not what others are like they are not what you are so “Be you”.

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