How to choose between different kinds of bags at low price ? Unbelievable

After diamonds it’s certainly the womens leather handbags which driven women crazy. I’m being one of them. I was always confused like I have so many ladies handbags and there are so many occasions and events that happen , then how to choose which handbag to carry when ? There are so many kinds of bags available in the market. Handbags for women fashion is so in vogue these days. Choosing beautiful and nice ladies purse is often a tedious job for us.

On the other hand these bag designers earn so much man šŸ˜‰

Finally I have figured it out and now I want you all my lovely ladies to know this. Haven’t we all did this once in our lifetime : carrying black handbags to the nightclub and tote bags to the gym ? I have done this too :P. No matter how well you are dressed up but if your bag doesn’t match the occasion or your dress, people will mock you. It’s always an asset to possess different kinds of bags. Do head to a bag store fast after reading this article and buy women’s handbags.

How to choose between different kinds of bags ?

Before jump on how to choose the right handbags and purses for the right occasion , you need to understand the kinds of fashion bags available in the market:

Always consider the handbag design and the fabric handbags. Like whether it is leather handbags for ladies or an artificial one. You can find many brands of cool large purses.

What is a bag ?

Bag is a container made of flexible materiel which is used to carry things.

Kinds of LeatherĀ 

  • Full-grain Leather
  • Top-grain Leather
  • Split Leather
  • Corrected grain Leather
  • Nubuck/Buffed/Suede Leather
  • Bicast or Coated Leather
  • Faux Leather

Different Kinds of Bags : Bag Style Names

  1. Italian Bags or the classic handbags : Italian leather are every bag designers favorite. They are high quality bags and you will be amazed to know that almost all of the costly bags are Italian genuine leather handbags made out of Italian leather.
  2. Mesh Bag or personalized bags: The mesh bag are mostly used at vacations, especially on a beach because you don’t want your bag to be full of sand once you are home. Mesh Bag can be made at home by following this tutorial.
  3. Travel Bag: This is the most common type of bag and it is typically used to carry stuffs. That is what is the use of the best travel purse.
  4. Work Bag or the ladies shoulder bags : This is is the most important category because most of us spend like 60%-70% time of yours in the office. Hence carrying the right bag there is important. Being well groomed is so essential these days and designer shoulder bags also formĀ  major part of it. You don’t want to miss outĀ  great business deal just because you were carryingĀ  creepy bag there and the guy judged you because of it , you understand what I mean. Here the big black purses are a great choice. Even the designer messenger bags are hot favorites for the office bags category.
  5. Book Bags: These book shaped bags and look amazingly attractive. Grab them

Which types of handbags should we carry with wedding gown?

The most importantĀ  component to consider will be the way are you going to carryĀ  it, alongside the bridal bouquet. It needs to be a little clutch, easy to carry, and furthermore an adornment that compliments your outfit, and shoes.

The colors could be the pink,peach, silver or gold trimmings, on the off chance that you have settled matching them with the marriage outfit.

There are clutch accessorized with blossom trimmings. You can find a clutch, with a cinch sufficiently solid to hold a falling bouquet. Silk blossoms may be lighter than genuine ones, and longer enduring.

Let another person carry a bigger bag for you, with basics that you may require. It could hold the cosmetics required for a touch up, a little scent spritz and your phone, hanky and so on.

So you have found the ideal wedding dress! Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to finish your big day look with all the correct jewelry, shoes, gems. You should purchase a satchel or clutch to carry on your huge day. You will require one right. I’m here to answer your inquiries.


The most imperative element to be considered while deciding for a purse will be the manner by which you will carry it. Well it just needs a little grip, that is helpful to convey and furthermore a frill that compliments your outfit and shoes.

A little clutch or aĀ satchel which goes well with the outfit.

Handbags Images

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  • Satchel or the tan leather handbags : A leather satchel handbags is a pack with a strap.The strap is worn crossing the body. The best thing bout them: They are spacious , you can carry makeup, lunch box, books and various other stuffs.

Kinds of Bags: Fashion Purses

kinds of bags
Photo by Maria Morri via flickr
  • Tote or theĀ shop bag : A handbag tote is a substantial and regularly detached sack with parallel handles that rise up out of the sides of its pocket. Ladies love tote bags because they are huge and you can accommodate almost anything in them.

Kinds of Bags: Work Handbags

  • kinds of bags
    Photo by Annie Pilon via flickr
  • Bucket Bag or the oversized handbags: Guess what you have more stuff to carry than that can be carried inĀ  tote bag …don’t worry ….Bucket Bags are the solutions for this. They are super huge in size.

Kinds of Bags: Purse Online

kinds of bags
Photo by MENI from ASO! & Soothe via flickr
  • Womens Backpack Purse or the bag black: Handbag Backpack were traveler bags at one time. But now , the techie girls use them for carry laptops to office. They are worn over both the shoulders. When going office , backpack is a must. They are also called the merchandise bags.

Kinds of Bags: Large Handbags

kinds of bags
Photo by CollegeDegrees360 via flickr

2) Casual Bags or the spring Handbags : Women’s Purses

  • Hobo Purses or the Summer Designer Handbags– Well it is called so because it depicts the bindle that hobos used to carry on their shoulders. It hasĀ  crescent shape. They are made of very soft and flexible materials
  • Sling Bag or the summer purses: The sling bags are also known as the cross body bags because of the style they are worn with. They are my personal favorite. They are so easy to carry and go well with most of the western outfits.
  • Denim Handbags : Firstly designed by Louis Vuitton , denim handbags has recently become everyone’s favorite. This is the favorite handbags for girls.
  • Ā Vintage Bags or the unique handbags : Often called as the vintage luxury bags also they have their own charm. People passionate for vintage stuffs clearly love vintage bags and you should try them too.
  • Cream Handbags or Beige Handbags: You will ask me that why I have categorized the Cream Handbags because they are so common and everyone wants to own one Cream Handbags at least in a lifetime.
  • Wristlets:Ā  They are called so because they are worn over the wrists. They small in size like the clutch bag. Wristlets are very stylish and trendy and can be carried at both parties and casual stuffs.

Kinds of Bags: Popular Purses

kinds of bags
Photo by Carrie A. via flickr

3) Evening Purses (fashion bags)

Evening HandbagsĀ are to be only carried to the parties. If you will carry them to any other occasion they will only look tacky. When carried at parties they simply complete your look.

  • Beaded Bags orĀ handmade purses : Beaded bags are the ones which are latest in trend and you can make one yourself at home too. Check this video to make a beaded bag yourself.. They are really cute to carry. Handmade handbags make beautiful memories since we have made them ourselves.
  • Bridal Handbags : Bridal handbags are designed exclusively for the bride of the evening. They are heavy in design and are usually matched with the bride’s dress.
  • Clutch Bags or leather clutch bags: Just like it’s name ,Ā evening clutch bags comes without a handle and is quite small. Designer clutches are meant to only carry cash and cosmetics.

Kinds of Bags: Purse Designs

kinds of bags
Photo by Carrie A. via flickr
  • Envelope bag or the trendy handbags: The shape is that of an envelope and it looks very trendy. One of my favorites. It’s best for dinner dates and movies.

Kinds of Bags: Purses and Handbags

kinds of bags
Photo by Spitalfields_E1 via Flickr
  • Black Fringe Bag : Don’t you sometimes feel like dressing likeĀ  70’s chic but still polished ? Then you must carry black fringe bag to complete your look. The Black Fringe Bag makes us look the TRENDY professional women.
  • Designer purses : MinaudiereĀ  : Well it isĀ  clutch only , the only difference is that it is decorated with rhinestones and gems
kinds of bags
Photo by Gidge Uriza

How to Pick kinds of bags for Different Occasions ?

Well you all will agree that we often get confused that which bags and wallets to carry on which occasion or event. I mean it’s crazy man. We girls too many of everything. So many kinds of bags šŸ™

Anyways let’s figure it out now.

1) Which event or occasion is it ?

The thumb rule : Never mix up the occasion and the bag. I mean don’t go out carrying s Minaudiere to a night club or a tote on a date ? Trust me you will look likeĀ  fool out there.

The beauty is to figure out the occasion first and then choose your clothing and bag according to it.

2) What is the design of the bag ?

OK, never forget to figure out the design and size of the bag. Big bags only increase the discomfort. void carrying big bags if you don’t have to carry a lot of stuff. The design bags are quite important.

3) What things do I need to carry in my bag ?

Very important , before stepping out of the office, always figure out what things are important. This way you can carry less load and choose small bag too.

4) Does my bag look good on my outfit ?

It’s a basic rule that you should always try matching your bag to your outfit to the most. Mix and match don’t work here at all.

Matching colors is not essential but do try to match the style of the bag, Example: leopard print handbags womens will look killer on a Saturday night look.

5) Which color is it ?

Choosing the right color is also an important aspect because you never want your trendy look to be destroyed by just the color of the bag. Go for green handbags , gold handbags , red bag, white purse, tan purse, metallic handbags.

6)Don’t repeat your bag

I’m not saying that buy a closet full of bags but you should have different kinds of bags. Every trendy bags has it’s own beauty.

Now I hope when you will go out toĀ shop for bags or doing online shopping , you will not get confused between the different kinds of bags. Keep the above 5 points in mind and you will choose the best bag. Bag dds glamour and style to your personality. Match your bag with your pretty stiletto. The more unusual shape of the bag, the more style it will to your personality Diva!

Bags are the best accessories you can ever own, they are highly durable and long lasting. Plus they make a style statement too.

Buy bags that match your daily lifestyle, needs and occasions. Investing in purses and bags isĀ  power investment. Next time when you re getting ready , always remember match your bag too with outfit and accessories. Click some wonderful photos of your beautiful handbags and share here. I would love to see them. You can also post me questions on choosing between the kinds of bags.

Don’t hesitate in trying replica bags because though they are a copy version but sometimes the quality is so good that they are worth to buy a bag.

I will also advice you to try the used designer handbags once .

Hope theĀ ladies designer handbags outlet is near by or try handbags online and choose among the different types of bags.

All the bag best girls šŸ˜‰

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