7 reasons to be addicted to High Rise Clothes like Kendall Jenner hot is!

Fat or no fat?
Too Lean?
The Solution for every body shape. After reading this post you will be no more in dilemma. The answer will be only yes, suggesting you the best and trendy out of all. Just like Kendall Jenner hot. 
We all know that girls never appreciate with what we are born or are, no matter it’s your body also. But we all know how to deal with it correctly, NO? If not then here’s what you have been looking for all your while.  High Rise clothes are high in fashion too as they are never out of trend. Above all, they are much comfortable and body suited to almost everyone.

7 Ways to look like Kendall Jenner hot in High Rise Clothes

This may turn out as bliss to all, even to me I am going to follow these points for myself too, actually I have already, there’s a better sense of styling difference now.

 These clothes majorly cover up your extra belly fat and butt portion to an extent. We will be describing the outfit according to your different body shapes:-

1.    Pear Shaped Body

high rise, kendall jenner hot

Pear shape body, your lower body is wider than your upper body; being specific your hips are wider than your shoulders. The best- suited, High Rise clothes to your body will be:-
•    Front buttoned skirt with fall top,
•    For bottoms, you can pick straight cigarette jeans.
•    High rise Straight leg trousers for meetings or workplace.
•    Choose dark colors for your bottoms and light colors for your upper body.
•    Adding layers in clothing like vests, cardigans, or shrugs, to cover the butt line.
The reality star Kim Kardashian is the biggest trending example of a pear shaped body.

high rise, kendall jenner hot

2.    Apple Shape Body

high rise, kendall jenner hot

If you are of an apple shape, you carry weight in your mid-section, and therefore you need to cover the mid section of your body. The Suggestion is that you should always avoid low-rise jeans.
•    You pick straight/boot cut jeans so that your legs look more elongated.
•    Coming to the skirts, A-line and volume skirts.
Our apple shape body celebrity stars Jennifer Hudson and Angelina Jolie carries them so well. Well! They are true inspirations for all of us!

kendall jenner hot instagram
high rise, kendall jenner hot

3.    Hour Glass Body

high rise, kendall jenner hot

Hour glass body is one curvaceous adorable body among all. Like an hour glass, you upper and lower body width are same and has the minimum of your waist. While choosing your clothes give a statement to your waistline. High Rise clothes for you could be:-
•    Wear jeans/trouser of wide legs, for balancing your butt line.
•    In skirts, pick pencil fit skirts with some flares so that you can flaunt all your curves.
•    Define your waistline by giving your dresses and skirts belt statement.

Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kelly Brook also have hour glass shape body. Many stylists have accepted that styling an hour glass body shape is very difficult.

high rise, kendall jenner hot

4.    Banana Shape Body

high rise, kendall jenner hot

Banana is one maintained body shape and can be perfect for every other clothes. But, sometimes there can be difficult situations for you in a dilemma whether you are looking fat or lean. I would suggest you these:-
•    As there is less amount of bulkiness in your body, you can pick miniskirts for yourself.
•    Almost every jean is suitable to your body; but, for your best pick is high rise skinny fit jeans/trouser.
•    Avoid baggy or loose clothing as it doesn’t go well with your body shape.

You are not the only one who facing our celebrities too faces with such issues. Hollywood celebrities like Annie Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Nicole Kidman too have banana shape body.

kendall jenner hot birthday is 3 November 1995
high rise, kendall jenner hot

5.    Athletic (figure) Body Shape

high rise, kendall jenner hot

Athletes have slim butts and minimum of the waistline, which says you, can go for any type of jean. Still, why not the best:-  
•    Super High Rise jeans in straight cut out or in flare cut.
•    High waist shorts and skirts to your thin waistline, to which your waist will be the vocal point.
An athletic body shape celebrity is very rare but our girl Rihanna is there to motivate us towards trend and fashion lifestyle.

kendall hot instagram
high rise, kendall jenner hot

6.    Inverted Triangle Shape Body

high rise, kendall jenner hot

Your body appears to have broad shoulders and squeezed hips. Again here also define your waist as you can tuck in your shirts and tops or whatever top wear you are wearing. Elaborating more High Rise clothes for you:-
•    Jeggings to give little volume to your legs,
•   High Rise skirts; adding the belt statement to it, focusing more on the waistline.
Our Hollywood Celebrities like Michelle Williams and Selma Hayek have inverted triangle body types.

kendall jenner hot
high rise, kendall jenner hot

7.    Plus Size Body Shape

high rise, kendall jenner hot

What if you are in your plus size, recently New York fashion week 2017 too had amazing plus size models flaunting all their curves to us. Well! Getting so much of inspiration from them I would suggest some to you as well:-
•    High rise lingerie is best suitable for you to cover the majors.
•    Pants/trouser in straight cut with wide legs.
•    High waist shorts with wide legs, pairing up with tucked in shirts and tops.
•    High waist skirts defining your waist line and not focusing on the legs.
•    High waist joggers fitted from waist and ankle length.

how tall is kendall jenner hot ? : 1.79 m

This post was considering every body type whether you are of plus size or in lean body shape. This might help you improve your fashion wardrobe and give you some best suited outfits in High Rise clothing. Everyone faces problem when comes to clothing specially we girls as we love to do experiments with all our clothes. But no worries here I am to help you out with the best. 

Remember always clothes of your size and according to your body shape not just seeing others get influenced; it can be a fashion blunder as well.
Well! This is the best I could suggest you according to your body shapes, to look more hot and sexy. Stay tuned for more trending outfits and a lot of glamour!

how tall is kendall jenner hot ? : 1.79 m
high rise, kendall jenner hot

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