What to Wear at the Beach: Perfect Bikini Ideas

It’s the Christmas and New Year 2017 Eve time and we all want to hit the beach I mean Goa for the celebrations. So your friends have made the plan and you have the tickets booked but the only crunch is it’s India and you hate wearing swimsuits or the bikinis here. We have all faced this problem once in a lifetime and hence I’ll discussing what to wear at the beach ? especially when you don’t have a outfit beach or you hate wearing bikini in India. No darlings this is not an impossible task, I’ll tell you how ?

What to wear at the beach ?

Beach Summer outfit : The Cover-Ups

Yes, the beautiful cover-ups are the real solutions for this. I mean crocheted shorts, sheer skirts and linen tops. These cloths will show only the skin that you want to reveal and plus you look stylish too.

The bikini look with a lovely wrap up

Those wrap ups make us look so lovely …no ??

Girl you are ready for the sun bath

Don’t forget a good sunscreen 😉

what to wear at the beach
Photo by Giorgio Montersino

What to wear at the beach ? : A tee with shorts:

Here the look is simple , a tee with shorts

To make it cheesy … pairing of shrug is done

I love it 😉

what to wear at the beach
Photo by Arina K. Zaidi

What to wear at the beach ?: Tennis tee with denim shorts:

This must be your favorite …. I’m sure

Hop on the beach with your tennis tee with those oomph denims

what to wear at the beach
Photo by Erik Przekop

So girls don’t refrain yourself from looking fashionable and chic just follow the above Beach Fashion Tips 2017 and tell everyone that who needs a bikini or a swimsuit when I can rock in my own skin.

Cheers to the womanhood.

Now the next time you hit and are in no mood to wear a bikini then no problem. Now you know what to wear at the beach ?



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