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Ever wondered why we girls always try to look our best on the first love dove dates ……clothes make us feel better, smarter….empowered. Hence let’s discuss the Date night outfits tips 2017. What to wear on a first date ?

We always want our first dates to convert into subsequent many more dates…… the call after first date is so important.

The killer black dress is the best bet for the 1st date…..my favorite 😉


Ladies because black is powerful and proactive…. the best colour to make that awesome first impression and show seriousness!!

Always wear something that makes you feel great ….it can be a little black dress, black gown…..Black/white salwar suit or a simple black tee/top with classic blue denims.

What to wear on a First Date ? : Brunch Date Outfit

Skinny jeans

What are the Top 10 date items ? : Dress First 

  • Flats ( because you want to be comfortable the whole evening)
  • Dress
  • Bracelet
  • Boots
  • Necklace
  • Blouse
  • Tank Top (hot favorites …..No ??)
  • Dressy Top
  • Denim shorts ( we always love them)

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What not to wear on a first date? : Perfect First Date

So your crush finally got up the nerve to ask you out, and the big first date is right around the corner. Sure, we know first dates can be freaky—there’s a ton to think about!

Always look cute and fun…. guys love funny girls J

But most important is to feel comfy and confident….

Girls just don’t: First Date Rules

  • Too much perfume
  • When in doubt, wear jeans
  • Too revealing clothes
  • No celeb inspired tees…. please
  • Don’t be too casual: No Sweatpants. Baseball Caps. Sneakers.
  • Too much makeup

What is an angrakha-style top?

Angrakha is an expression of old or recorded Indian ensembles from after the Mauryan period.

This later was found as a customary style of wearing in Gujarati and Rajasthani clothing for men and ladies in their kedia and kameez. For Mughals this additionally existed in men’s Jama or ladies Anarkali dresses.

Present day Angrakha Style Indian Salwar Kameez


“Angarkha” is gotten from conventional Gujarati outfits. The men wearing a twofold breasted top, tied up on the left side, with night robe. The outfit can yet be seen in Garba and Dandiya exhibitions amid Navratri.

The angrakha top is a top in a similar twofold breasted example. Long kurtas in a comparative style with churidars were additionally in vogue at some point back, before anarkalis assumed control.


Try wearing the angrakha top or Angrakha Style Indian Salwar Kameez on your Date Night.

What to wear on a first date ? – Winter Date Outfits

  • Keep your nails manicured or neat. You don’t want dirt stuck in your nails or a right nail paint faded off destroying your impression.
  • Avoid painful shoes and wear those that are comfortable even if they are not heels. Wear medium heels rather than very high heels.
  • Your outfit need to be ironed if those creases are visible.
  • Have a good hair style by keeping it simple either hair down or hair up day.

What to wear on a first date ?: Dress for a date night

  1. Choose the dark colours like black, bottle green, navy and if you decide the bling let it be on a neutral natural palette of beiges, white, cream and nudes perfect for sequins.
  2. Shoes are an attractive style alert with pumps and stilettos, not too high.
  3. Carry a clutch that’s flat and can store necessary things only.
  4. blazer or a belt on the waistline if you are petite or a blazer will be fine.
  5. Choose a mid-length dress than the skater dress

What to wear on a first date ?: Jeans for a Date Night

what to wear on a first date
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  1. Black denims are great for a date night. Choose jeans that are well fitted, not those unwilling loose portions need to flash up at a date night. Skinny fit, slim fit or straight fit denims are great.
  2. Pair up a top that’s stylish. Sheer blouses and shirts with a fancy add on is great.
  3. Carry a blazer if this shows your real presentable style it must be well fitted. You may stylize further with jewellery that’s not too flashy of course.
  4. Shoes options in boots too stilettos are fine when matched in perfect outfit.
  5. Go for a clutch that looks casual or a hand bag in solid make.

What to wear on a first date ?: Pants for a Date Night

what to wear on a first date
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Wearing pants doesn’t mean that you are showing a formal side, it just shows how presentable you are. I would say try on pants that are not only in fitting but also in open hems. Palazzos and crop trousers are great for the date night look. Remember the place and occasion of the date is important.

  1. Put on those leather pants for the bold look or opt for palazzo pants in classic style. You may wear prints but only if that’s only if it goes with the ambience of the date or say it has minimal colours and designs.
  2. Wearing your plain t-shirt or a sheer top with this is perfect. Any colour to match it that looks good for the date night, not necessary it is blingy or doesn’t have graphics, it may have either but minimal.
  3. Try on a good blazer or scarf to add more details. Choose a plain scarf no prints here unless classic polka or stripes.
  4. Shoes anything from flat pumps to heels that are comfortable.

 What to wear on a first date ?: Salwar suit for a date night

  • Salwar suit make your body look better
  • Pick up the right colour
  • Not too tight, no revealing deep necklines
  • Complimenting makeup
  • Pick right accessories: Bracelet with small earrings and a couple of rings!!
what to wear on a first date
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At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember when dressing for a first date is to just be Y-O-U and the fabulous will shine through…..

Hope my Date night outfits tips 2017 will help you getting many more DATES 😀

What to Wear on a First Date? We Asked the Experts!

What to wear on the principal date? It’s a situation that we single ladies have been attempting to comprehend for a considerable length of time! (Furthermore, one that our perusers have gotten some information about on a few events!) Sure, to a few, it sounds like an easy decision however when it gets last minute, we as a whole affair some type of first date closet freeze when the “dress to inspire” weight is on!

To help us at long last get clearness on the issue, we acquired a couple of specialists: Lisa Morrison, dating master and go between at It’s Just Lunch; Jess Kirby, style blogger behind Prosecco and Plaid; and Jamie Krell, on-air mold journalist, to go along with us for a virtual roundtable discourse.

Single women, get your note pad—you’ll need to take notes!

Q: First off, do you have any “first date” style rules you submit to?

Lisa: Always look at the scene online to figure out the setting! (I generally do this for my customers.) An extraordinary dependable guideline for the principal date: Choose a shading or outfit that you are regularly complimented on.

Pick a shading or outfit that you’re frequently complimented on.

Jay: Comfort ought to be your first need! The exact opposite thing you need to do is be squirming with your outfit—there are more essential things to be pondering!

Anny: Let area be your guide–your look ought to mirror your condition! Additionally, pick one best resource for hotshot and that is it. For instance: Do you have extraordinary arms? Wear a strapless maxi dress. Incredible legs? Wear shorts or a skirt. All that really matters—an excessive amount of skin can really be a mood killer and appear as though you’re making a decent attempt.

Q: Are there any style don’ts to maintain a strategic distance from?

Lisa: Don’t demonstrate excessively skin! Maintain a strategic distance from extremes like excessively in vogue outfits or overwhelming cosmetics. Normal and insignificant is constantly best for the main date.

Jess: I generally say more is more–and I mean don’t give it all away on the principal date! On the off chance that you wear something short, adjust that out with long sleeves and a low heel. On the off chance that you choose to wear something bare-backed or low profile in the front, wear it with a maxi skirt or pants.

This may sound self-evident, however give yourself a lot of time to arrange out what you’re wearing!

Jamie: This may sound self-evident, however give yourself a lot of time to arrange out what you’re wearing. (What’s, sufficiently more time to steam or iron your outfit in advance!) Being tousled and worried until the second your date lifts you up is no real way to begin! Additionally, wear something that fits you! It shouldn’t be too free or larger than usual—something that shows off your figure yet isn’t too tight.

(Editorial manager’s note: If it requires sucking in, consistent alteration, or twofold stick tape, abandon it at home!)

Q: What might you wear to an easygoing daytime espresso date ?

Lisa: From pants to an easygoing dress, my best bit of first date guidance: Make beyond any doubt it’s agreeable.

A definitive objective? To accomplish the easy “I just tossed this on” vibe.

Jess: Casual staples: Jeans, talk or pads, shirts, and sunnies are awesome alternatives for an easygoing daytime setting.

Jamie: A simple dress with some kind of coat (contingent upon your style—a calfskin edited aircraft, a cardigan, a denim coat, and so forth.) is dependably an extraordinary outfit mix. You can do pads or wedges relying upon the setting and what you’re most agreeable in. A definitive objective is to accomplish the easy “I just tossed this on” vibe.

Q: What about what to wear on a supper date?

Lisa: Stand out on a more formal event by including an announcement bit of adornments or a fun extra as a friendly exchange. Try not to be enticed to wear anything that you can’t stroll in, eat in, or take in!

Try not to wear anything that you can’t stroll in, eat in, or take in!

Jess: Comfort is key regardless. In the event that you feel great in what you’re wearing you’ll look great; certainty is everything. For a dressy supper date, I’d run with a move dress or thin pants, a silk nightgown, coat, and heels. For an easygoing supper, sweetheart pants and a charming shirt or tee are dependably an extraordinary wagered.

Jamie: For a supper date, go for a some thin jeans that hotshot your figure (great dark calfskin or fitted pants) with a pleasant silk tank or pullover and grip. You can include a great bare or dark heel to spruce up your look—a pleasant blend of dressy meets loose. For cosmetics, it’s about the adjust. Not excessively, but rather not close to nothing. You need to appear as though you invested the push to look pleasant, yet don’t have any desire to over do it! You need to upgrade your elements, not overpower them.

Q: What might you wear on a post-work drinks date?

Lisa: Most imperative in this occurrence is not what you’re wearing but rather that you can unwind and escape work mode! For a blend of office suitable meets night out on the town, decide on a dress or skirt with a ladylike top under a coat. (You can expel the coat when you leave the workplace!) Switch that huge work pack to a grasp for a simple move to night.

Bring something to slacken up your work garments a bit.

Jess: Loosen up your work garments a bit. On the off chance that you wear a pencil skirt and jacket to work, change into a charming shirt and include red lipstick.

Jamie: Don’t stress over being business easygoing! Work clothing is absolutely fine. A work of art, fitted jacket is ideal for the event when worn the correct way!

Q: Any separating words for date style guidance?

Lisa: Be certain and act naturally. This is the thing that will establish an incredible first connection and assurance a moment date! (That is, whether you need one!)

Jess: I can’t state it enough—wear what makes YOU can rest easy. Toward the day’s end, it’s about certainty. In the event that you feel great in what you’re wearing, it’ll appear.

Wear something that really makes you feel like the best form of yourself.

Jamie: You truly need to speak to yourself in a genuine, genuine manner. Try not to appear in a shirt and tore pants in case you’re more often than not in female dresses and the other way around. Wear something that genuinely makes you feel like the best form of yourself. Since when you do that, you will have more certainty. Furthermore, the more certainty you have, the more you will grin, the more you will draw in and chances are, the more dates you’ll have!

What style counsel do you have with regards to dressing for a first date?

15 Charming Outfit Ideas

You invest an excessive amount of energy arranging the ideal outfit, second-speculating yourself, and waiting on your dearest companions to say something regarding what they think you ought to wear. Sound recognizable? Getting dressed for a date can be nearly as frightening as the occasion itself. To stay away from the greater part of this absurdity, we have 15 beguiling groups for you remember whenever you’re preparing.

Look through for simple outfit thoughts ideal for a date.

Easygoing T-Shirt + Leather Pants

What to Wear on a First Date, and Why It Really Matters

For the vast majority of us, thinking of what to wear on a first date is entirely second nature. Indeed, we may experience a couple closet changes before choosing a last group, yet a perfect shirt, a non-wrinkled dress and a pleasant match of shoes all appear like evident choices for a first date equip—yet would it be a good idea for us to be more key in our decisions? Um, most likely. Things being what they are, what to wear on a first date really matters a ton more than any of us knew about.

MORE: What to Wear to a Job Interview: Expert Tips for Every Industry

So for individuals who don’t take after mold intently, will their date’s attire have an impact?

Something else that we’ve learned in concentrate this is one of the approaches to immediately make yourself more appealing and more adequate to other individuals is your dress. It’s not so much what name or what drift, but rather that they fit well, and what express your garments are in. Individuals look more sure and more set up together in garments that fit them.That appears to be clear as crystal and self-evident, yet there are a few people who simply don’t put any idea into what they wear on first dates.

Why do you think the fit and appearance of apparel is so impactful?


These are the variable parts of your appearance—you can’t without much of a stretch change your body shape, however you’re attire decision is something you can modify. Individual style is marking: What you wear determines the kind of individual that will draw in.

In the event that you actually have kind of a trendy person y Williamsburg style, and you wear Lily Pulitzer out on the town, it won’t draw in the sort of individual you need. Furthermore, this is somewhat self-evident, yet the other thing dress truly influences is the manner by which you introduce yourself and how you feel. It’s not about the genuine bit of apparel, but rather about how sure you feel and how you hold yourself in something that you feel extraordinary in and glad for.

What are the absolute most normal mix-ups you’ve seen individuals make while picking their dating clothing?

Something that frequently comes up is high heels. Ladies either thoroughly adore heels and may never be seen without them, or they loathe them and never wear them. Here and there they wear pads on the principal date since they’re stressed over being taller than their date, yet it’s truly pretty much how amazing you feel. Dislike your date will develop on the off chance that you continue dating them, so simply wear your heels! In the event that you do wear them, however, ensure it’s not a dynamic date. Ensure you realize what you’re doing early.

Some other useful tidbits while picking an outfit?

Attempt to dress to coordinate the event: more formal for a night date, yet in the event that it’s a daytime date, keep it easygoing.

Also, how are a few things women by and large?

In case you’re attempting to date a more mold cognizant lady—most ladies in metropolitan territories have a tendency to be a tad bit more form cognizant—shoes are huge. Try not to run with father pants. Likewise, I’ve never truly been quite a bit of a fanatic of the short-sleeved catch down.

5 Simple Rules on What to Wear on a First Date

To start with dates can be startling, however arranging your outfit doesn’t have

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