How to dress cute at moderate cost ? 10 Secrets

The Female Youth of India wants to look cute and sporty at the same time. Yes, we can and Geeta Phogat inspires us to go for the sporty look trending high these days. Geeta Phogat, she’s a free style wrestler and won India’s first Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Games, in 2010. Cute Sporty Outfits Ideas listed below will you give you an insight on how to style yourself when the sporty girl in you wants to look fashionable and chic. Geeta Phogat is cute no ? It’s  dream of every girl to look cute in the dress she’s wearing. Then how to dress cute?

How to dress cute ?

How to look cute and sporty at the same time ?

  • Graphic sporty T-shirt with Trousers – Buy the sporty graphic T-shirt pair it with a pair of trousers you own. Don’t forget wearing the sneakers. How about carrying a tote bag with it ? Wear a pair of big glasses like I discussed in my post and see in the mirror now, you look both cute sporty.
How to dress cute
Photo by Helga Weber via Flickr
  • Baggy clothes are coming back – I’m sure you must have forgotten that baggy pants/jeans which you used to wear years back. It’s finally time to take them out because baggy clothes are back in fashion. A T-shirt worn over a baggy pants or jeans looks so sporty.


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  •  How to dress cute in Snake Print Outfits and Footwear – I’m a big fan of animal prints. There are a time in my life when I was so obsessed with animal prints that I used to buy just anything that my eyes could encounter in animal prints. Girls, it’s a must have. Whether it’s snakeskin print shoes, heels, flats or the glamorous snakeskin print jacket. You should try these on if you wish took cute and sporty.
  • The shorts and hoodie look – Try wearing a hoodie sweatshirt with the shorts. Trust me , you can’t look more sporty and stylish with any other outfit than this.
How to dress cute
Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Flickr
  • Stoles and Scarves Online Shopping – Yes, open any eCommerce site like SnapDeal or Flipkart and buy those cheap and affordable stoles and scarves because they will complete the sporty look of yours. Plus it’s winters now hence stoles and scarves are a must have. Put up a high pony tail and wear big nerdy glasses.
  • How to dress cute in Formal Sportswear – Let’s all agree that we love looking cute, sporty and confident in the office. So, tomorrow wear a blazer with your favorite trousers/pants paired with the nerdy glasses to the office.
  • Hooded Denim Jackets with Jeans – Hooded Denim Jackets look so sporty when worn with right pair of jeans and sneakers.
  • How to dress cute in Floral Top and Jeans – Pair a cool floral top or shirt with jeans and you are ready to rock the world.
  • Check Dress online – Time to buy a check dress or a shirt whatever suits your taste but trust me you got to have checks in your wardrobe because they look cute sporty.
How to dress cute
Photo by Nigel Cooke via Flickr
  • Baseball Cap – The baseball Cap is as important to the sporty as are the sneakers. Hence. invest in them too.
How to dress cute
Photo by Geeta Phogat via Instagram

Have a look at the above picture which Geeta Phogat posted on Instagram doesn’t she look cute and Sporty ? Last but not the least do check out  Geeta Phogat on Wikipedia and I personally want our ladies to know how she made India proud and told us how to dress cute. Amir Khan starer, Dangal is a movie based on her career and 2010 Commonwealth Games win

Her role in the movie is played by Fatima Sana Shaikh

Look Cute Sporty when you go and Watch Geeta Phogat’s movie Dangal this weekend. Hope my Cute Sporty Outfits Ideas post will help you look awesome wherever you go. Let’s all cheer to the woman empowerment.

Hope after reading this post you will advice your friends on how to dress cute ? 😉

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