Here Is How To Plan The Ultimate 4th Of July

The 4th of July, Independence Day of the United States, also celebrated as the birth of American independence. This day is a big celebration for all the Americans to celebrate victory/freedom/independence in their own way. Where some make it a large scale event celebrating with sky-high fireworks and some make it small scale on personal level with dinner and BBQ’s.

4th of July 2017

Let’s talk and share how productive we can celebrate this day/date:-

  1. Attend events with family

Keeping it calm and simple to be proud of American independence and celebrating it by attending pacific palisades parade with the family and dear ones.


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  1. Attend fireworks

Whenever you celebrate a festival or any big day and there are no fireworks it seems incomplete. Some places where you can witness great fireworks let’s see where- the Hollywood Bowl, long beach, Grand park, studio city,  celebrates 4th of July with patriotic music, DJs, live events, and amazing fireworks. You can now book your tickets to get seated on your favorite and have fun watching the entire fireworks and other activities as well.

  1. All about food and drinks

Food and beverages are important too. Attending events with an empty stomach and all dry not at all a good idea. Step out of your home find places around offering you with special discounts on food and beverages for this Independence Day. Some places of the United States I might help you with such offers can be like in Downtown, Palos Verdes, Little Tokyo, and West Hollywood.

  1. Find a perfect barbecue place

Barbecue is best suited when it is in perfect set up and environment, making the most of it. The 4th of July indicates freedom and victory to the Americans which people might like celebrating it with family to a beautiful calm place beside your favorite lake or beach. Set up the barbecue to the lakeside with a beautiful view around, adding a complementary bottle of wine.

  1. Customized clothing

As it is a big day for all the Americans to celebrate, involve the American flag too. If you don’t wish to wave flag you still have the option of getting the flag customized on the pockets or on the t-shirts/shirts.

  1. Organize a party

If you don’t wish to step out you can make an effort to organize a house party and feel free to booze around and have fun in your own way. Dance around in your favorite tracks and discussing all oral history of how they fought for the day. Some outdoor/ backyard decorations to make it a huge celebration, full of lightning, and spreading happiness with balloons, lamps, and party poopers.


  1. Engraved item

Make your loved ones feel special about this day all together celebrate victory by exchanging/gifting engraved (something related or remarkable to America) items.


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  1. 4th of July DIY treats

Make some colorful ice sprinkle cones

Ingredients required- ice-cream sugar cones, colorful red and white; star sprinkles, nonpareils, and jimmies, and white candy melts.

Steps to follow

  • Melt the white candy melts by heating them in microwave,
  • Now, take the cones, dip half of them in the white candy melt and start spinning them and let the extra get out in the bowl.
  • Start spreading the sprinkles on the dip portion so that they get pasted on it.
  • You can prepare three different cones with different sprinkles; star, nonpareils, and jimmies.
  • To complete, pour a scoop of ice-cream in the cone and the sweet treat is ready.
  1. 4th of July outfit ideas

Keep your dress coordinated with the colors of the American flag; red, blue, and white.

  • Make star patches to your jackets and jeans, and of course it is an easy to do task.
  • Wear complementary accessories like red scarf, comfortable white shoes with a little blue dress.
  • Wear American Flag print t-shirts, tops, and shirts.
  • Also, a bikini too will be easily available to wear for a beach party or for any outdoor setup.

This independence day make the most of it the one you never did before do it now, make it different and big this year.

Flaunt all that is required and be a proud American.



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